Tina Simaika Photography
Tina Simaika Photography

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What I do

My images live in between boudoir and fashion and I am in love with colours and drama.


Although images are a great part of what I do, the most important part is not the Photo. We are all overwhelmed with a lot of work and it’s important for us to reflect on our own image from time to time. 

For this reason my business is not about the photo itself, but more about recreating the vision you might have of yourself.

Beauty starts in your head, not in your mirror.
— Joubert Botha


  • Milene Rosa

"Sensitivity, strength and light feel are the feelings that Tina's photos give me, and that's what I felt when I was photographed by her lenses, her eyes …" milene.pelicer@hotmail.com


  • Natacha Leandro da Cruz

"I loved being photographed by Tina Simaika. She made me and my partner  feel very comfortable. We had lots of fun. She was very creative with the pictures taken. Also the scenario omg she was  able to take the best of it. Need a new session.”  natachalcruz@gmail.com

  • Mariana Terreri

"I had a wonderfull experience working with Tina. She is talented, patient, and I got some amazing pictures that I will never forget about."  terrerimariana@gmail.com

  • Camila Rossi

"Exceptional experience to be photographed by Tina. She manages to capture our emotion and translate into an image. I felt super at ease and in perfect harmony."

  • Juliete Passos

"Being photographed by Tina was easy because she makes us so comfortable that we really enjoy the moment, and this way she captures the best photos. All this in a light and relaxed way. Congratulations Tina, for the professional that you are." passos.juliete@gmail.com