Tina Simaika Photography
Tina Simaika Photography

Who I am

Who I am

If you think the most important thing to choose a photographer is his/her portfolio, you are right...

...however, the second most important thing is the photographer's personality. So my intention here is to show you a bit of that and my story.

I am super creative and not afraid of being silly to get the angle or photo that I want. What this means is that my friends have a great collection of photos of me lying down on the floor with my camera or a video of me with a cardboard in my hand doing a lot of effort to blow the model’s hair.


I haven’t always been a photographer.

I was born in Campinas city in Brazil (200 km away from Sao Paulo city). When I was a child, I used to draw a lot and most of the time the drawings were of women in huge dresses, long hair or roses. Time passed and I ended up working as a Client Support Representative at IBM, and believe me, I would always find a way to apply my creativity on my tasks, including winning first place in an internal competition for Halloween decoration.

Things have changed when I bought my first camera

Although the environment at IBM was wonderful and I had the opportunity to meet friends for life, things changed when I bought my first camera. Working during office hours and photographing after work turned into a routine. Photography is addicting and I was always daydreaming about the next image, challenge or photo. Finally my desire to work full time as a photographer took over me and I decided to say goodbye to my office days and dedicate myself entirely to photography.

I moved to Canada and started studying at Langara College in the Professional Photography Program and here I am in my second year and getting ready for my graduation. It feels great to finally do what I love and share better pictures every day.

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