Tina Simaika Photography
Tina Simaika Photography

Who I am

Who I am

If you think the most important thing to choose a photographer is his/her portfolio, you are right...

...however, the second most important thing is the photographer's personality. So my intention here is to show you a bit of that and my story.

I am super creative and not afraid of being silly to get the angle or photo that I want. What this means is that my friends have a great collection of photos of me lying down on the floor with my camera or a video of me with a cardboard in my hand doing a lot of effort to blow the model’s hair.


I haven’t always been a photographer.

Years ago you would be able to find me working as a Client Support Representative at IBM, and although the environment at IBM was wonderful and I had the opportunity to meet friends for life, things changed when I bought my first camera. Working during office hours and photographing after work turned into a routine. Photography is addicting and I was always daydreaming about the next image, challenge or photo. Finally my desire to work full time as a photographer took over me and I decided to say goodbye to my office days and dedicate myself entirely to photography.

Things have changed when I bought my first camera

Thirsty for more knowledge I started studying at Langara College in the Professional Photography Program. My passion for portraits became even more intense and every learning and lesson gave me each day more tools to reach a new variety of images.

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